Pattern Analysis for Acts 8:26-40

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This standalone story is an IMPERFECT CHIASM that draws attention to the leading of the spirit to have an encounter with an Ethiopian eunuch. The emphasis is:

1) The IMPERATIVE in verse 26B is a very strong directive to move in the direction of the spirit. Once he did, a clarifying directive was given in verse 29. It should be assumed that the angel of the Lord in verse 26A and the Spirit of the Lord in verses 29 and 39 are one and the same.

2) The FIRST/LAST elements point out how Philip was attentive to the Spirit′s direction in guiding him. As an instrument of emphasis, it should be taken that His direction is very important. Verse 29 is also IMPERATIVE.

3) The CENTER POINT is a LINK from Isaiah 52:13 to 53:12. The particular verses that are quoted are verse 53:7 and 8. The verse immediately before the one quoted states, But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him (verse 53:6). In other words, Philip mentioned how Jesus became the fulfillment of this passage by taking all of our sins upon Himself. That is why Philip was immediately convicted to be baptized.

4) The C′ INSERTION (verses 35-37A) presents a brief summary of the words that Philip spoke and the reaction by the eunuch. There is no corresponding element on the other side of the center point, making this brief insertion an emphatic piece. It may be that its brevity is because the Holy Spirit gave Philip the words to say rather than use words of his own.

5) Lastly, the QUESTION in verse 30 is an excellent one for it should point the reader to ask the same question of themselves. Do I understand what I am reading? Too often we don′t fully understand because we have not discerned what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

The misunderstanding that the eunuch had was he was only looking at the two verses of Isaiah (verses 53:7 and 8); if he had started at verse 3 he would have had a better chance, but what he really needed was what the Spirit said to Philip, Go up and join him.