Pattern Analysis for Exodus 34:1-8

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Variation

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In this PARALLEL SYMMETRY, the words of verses 6 and 7 are repeated in part or in entirety many times in the Bible. This literary unit provides the context for those key verses:

1) The LAST/LAST elements, C and C′, cleverly point towards the meeting place with the LORD. No man was to witness this encounter (verse 3), just the LORD and Abraham (verse 5). This is as if to say that when that personal encounter occurs between ourselves and the LORD, it is private and very personal.

2) The VARIATION in C′ includes seven or possibly eight attributes about the LORD. Only man was addressed in the C element. This large difference between these two elements point to the emphatic importance of the LORD′s self description.

3) The CONCLUDING SUMMARY in verse 8 reveals the great respect Moses had for his LORD.