Pattern Analysis for Genesis 22:15-18

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Numerical Increase

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This brief CHIASM immediately follows Abraham′s obedience in bringing his son Isaac to the altar as the sacrifice.

1) The FIRST/LAST elements, A-A′, speak about obedience. In verse 16, the LORD complements Abraham on doing this apparently crazy thing. Likewise in verse 18B, He states, because you have obeyed My voice.

2) The C element is a NUMERICAL INCREASE. While the amount of the increase is not stated, nevertheless the stars and sand metaphors give the idea it is enormous.

3) The CENTER POINT is the two-part blessing for obedience. In that blessing, there is a reference to the seed (verses 17B and 17C) which is singular, not plural. Acts 3:25 tells us that Jesus is that seed. Therefore, Jesus Christ is the seed that shall possess the gate of their enemies (verse 17C).