Pattern Analysis for Hebrews 3:1-6

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Insertion

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In examining the several themes that this structure presents, an IMPERFECT CHIASM seems to be the best solution:

1) The FIRST/LAST emphasis presents Jesus as faithful to the Father. It is the same as a worthy son who is faithful to his father′s house.

2) There is an INTENSIFICATION of the chiasm as it moves to the center. The builder of the first house, Moses, became the glory of Moses; the builder of the second house, God and Jesus, became the glory of Christ. At the center, the twoD elements explain that Jesus is greater than Moses just as the builder of the house is greater than the house.

3) The INSERTION along with the beginning portion of the CONCLUDING SUMMARY clarifies any confusion in the simile: we the brethren are the house and the builder of our house is God. More than that, He is the builder of all things.

4) The CONCLUDING SUMMARY drives home the point: we are that house and we remain that house if we hold fast to our faith and hope until we are called home.