Pattern Analysis for Isaiah 42:1-4

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Alternation

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This ALTERNATION is a prophetic look at My Servant Jesus Christ. There are three emphatic parts to this structure:

1) There is a CONTRAST between the A elements and the B elements. The A elements state each include the word justice. This allows us to concentrate on the B elements: He will not raise His voice or be crushed, for the land looks forward to His new law.

2) In the INTRODUCTORY SUMMARY, My Spirit has been poured upon My Servant.

3) The Septuagint renders the word nations in verse 1B as Gentiles in Matthew 12:18-21, and then adds the words AND IN HIS NAME THE GENTILES WILL HOPE. That parallelism points to the kingdom of heaven as being available for all people, not just the Jews.