Pattern Analysis for Isaiah 55:6-13

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Chiasm with Substructure

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This CHIASM focuses our attention on the LORD′s restorative process. All of His creation, rain, snow, His Word and the people, were created to yield a good return. The people that have turned to wickedness should forsake those ways and return to the LORD. The emphasis is:

1) The FIRST/LAST elements direct us to seek the LORD so that you will have joy and peace. This refers to eternal joy and peace, not a temporal state while we are here on earth.

2) The PARALLEL SYMMETRY substructure in B′ matches well with the B element but is considerably longer. Within B′ is a beautiful analogy between the rain/snow and the Word of God that comes from His mouth. That longer length makes the analogy emphatic.

3) The CENTER POINT, including C and C′, could lead in several directions, but suffice it to say that the LORD′s thoughts and plans from heaven are far greater than those of man from earth.

4) The CONCLUDING SUMMARY continues the poetic metaphor from verses 10 and 11. There will be shouts of joy, all creation will clap their hands, cypress and myrtle will sprout as everlasting signs that the LORD will not forsake you.