Pattern Analysis for Luke 10:38-42

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Question

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This ALTERNATION is a brief contrast between two approaches towards Christ: casual familiarity as in Martha, and intimate relationship as in Mary. As the concluding summary states, for Mary has chosen the good part.

- the A elements are concerned with Martha who was distracted with preparations
- the B elements are about Mary who sat at the Lord′s feet

1) Martha′s QUESTION about her sister Mary is used by the Holy Spirit to remind ourselves of similar comparative questions that we may ask. We say to ourselves, as we may say to the Lord, It is not fair because … Martha was worried and bothered about many things, and we can get in the same situations.

2) The Holy Spirit′s answer for our comparative question comes through the CONCLUDING SUMMARY. Here He states that Mary has chosen the better path, one that believes and worships the Lord Jesus and is willing to sit at His feet.