Pattern Analysis for Matthew 5:27-30

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Parallel Symmetry Substructure

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This ALTERNATION is a COMPARISON of lust to adultery.

1) Note the high degree of similarity between the a-b-c-d elements and the a′-b′-c′-d′ elements. I love it when the Holy Spirit speaks on multiple levels of complexity within such a short passage. In this COMPARISON, the a-b-c-d elements are equated with lust and the a′-b′-c′-d′ elements with adultery. Therefore this literary unit could also be rendered as an A-B-B′-A′ SIMPLE ALTERNATION rather than a COUPLET.

2) The emphasis is in the comparisons: the old law and its consequence, and the new law and its consequence. The old law and its consequence is seen in verses 27 and 30. Adultery is performed with the hands; the consequence of adultery is to be thrown into hell.

3) Old Covenant LINK is to the Decalogue in Exodus 20:14. All references to the Decalogue are emphatic.