Pattern Analysis for Matthew 7:24-27

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Omission

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There are three emphatic parts to this PARALLEL SYMMETRY (IMPERFECT):

1) There is the CONTRAST between A-B-C-D and A′-B′-C′-D′. In the first, the house was built on the rock while the second house was built on the sand.

2) There is an OMISSION in D′, immediately after verse 27. Where D (verse 25C) stated for it had been founded on the rock, there is no corresponding element in the second half. That OMISSION causes emphasis on D (verse 25C).

3) This PARALLEL SYMMETRY (IMPERFECT), that is verses 24 to 27, appears at then end of eighteen or so lessons or sermons from chapters 5 to 7, depending on how you count them. Its position as the last as well as the structure′s content make this function as a CONCLUDING STRUCTURE. That is, it is the most important in this list of eighteen structures.