Pattern Analysis for Matthew 9:1-7

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Interruption

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There are emphatic parts to this IMPERFECT CHIASM:

1) In the A and A′ emphasis, the paralytic, who had been unable to walk, was told by Jesus to do so. The paralytic walked home. The word pick up in the Greek is imperative.

2) The INTERRUPTION creates a story within a story. It expresses the accusative heart of the scribes, and Jesus authoritatively spoke to them. It is a form of rebuking which would be emphatic.

3) In the CENTER POINT (verse 5), the Which is easier? QUESTION was poised to the scribes. The Holy Spirit uses that question to ask that same question to the reader, Which is easier?

NOTE: While some analysts may suggest that verse 8 is the concluding summary of this structure, the scope of that verse is much broader. There are seven structures that are all built around the theme of Christ′s authority. When the crowds saw this [set of miracles], they were awestruck.These are included in a FRAME that covers Matthew 7:28 - 9:8; that verse 8 is the second part of that FRAME.