Pattern Analysis for Philippians 4:10-14

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Alternation Substructure

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This CHIASM is frequently quoted.

1) The pairing of B and B′ helps clarify the meaning of verse 13. So what is the meaning of the phrase, I can do all things? Paul could not fly, at least I don′t think so. The all things refers to his contentedness, whether in simple means or in abundant means. The lack of clarity, which is due in part to the translation from Greek to English, is resolved by this pattern analysis.

2) While there is a contrast in verse 12 between having and not having, it seems to me that verse 12 is a continuation of thought from verse 11 and is not an emphatic theme. Instead, I take the emphasis to be the B and B′ center point where he learned to be content and he can rely on Christ to persevere.