Pattern Analysis for Revelation 3:20 - 4:1

Pattern Analysis Handbook

Example of Chiasm (Imperfect)

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In this IMPERFECT CHIASM, there are three areas of emphasis:

A-A′ is a door in heaven which was at first closed but then was opened
B-B′ addresses hearing His voice
C describes the indwelling and abiding presence of the Lord
D-D′ is the result: overcomers that sit down with the Father on His throne

2) The CENTER POINT describes those who overcame and thereby abide with Christ and sit with Him on the throne. Therefore, the center point is a clear directive to overcome so that we can sit down (abide with) Christ on His throne.

3) The OMISSION in C′ emphatically points to C, for Christ coming to individually ″dine with him and he with Me.″ This is figurative language that deeply describes how they were to abide with one another.